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GEOFF HEALEY was born and raised in Australia on Queensland's Gold Coast, and has been touring and playing gigs around the world as a piano entertainer for the past three decades. He's performed in 14 countries to date, currently plays regular shows across Europe and is the creator and host of the comedy podcast, The WonderLand.

Performing at the Splendid Bar, Zürich, Switzerland, 2019

...and again at the Splendid in 2020...

...and at Fingers Piano Bar, Edinburgh Scotland, 2022

...and at Andy's Pub, Oslo, Norway in June 2023

In addition to his live performances, Geoff  has released seven albums of original music, with the newest - Mixed Bag - out now on digital streaming services...



July 8 to 27: Andy's Pub, Oslo, Norway

August 1 to 31: Splendid Bar, Zürich, Switzerland

September 20 - 21: Lille Havariet, Tønsberg, Norway

September 2 to 19: Andy's Pub, Oslo, Norway

September 27 - 28 : IXL Long Bar, Hobart, Australia

October 4 - 5: IXL Long Bar, Hobart, Australia

October 11 - 12: IXL Long Bar, Hobart, Australia

October 18 - 19: IXL Long Bar, Hobart, Australia

December 1 to 15: Andy's Pub, Oslo, Norway

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