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Norway. It's not always dear, my dear

June 28, 2018


I spend a fair bit of time in the Kingdom of Norway.


It’s a beautiful country, and the people are nice - if a bit shy until they’ve had a few.


One of the first things anybody (except maybe people from Japan or Switzerland) notices about the country is how very expensive things can be - mostly due to taxes, protectionism and numerous other things beyond my understanding. Other consumer items aren’t too bad , but food & drink is - in comparison to most other countries - retardedly overpriced.


There are, however, a few things which are actually cheap here - by comparison to, say, the far south of Germany, where I also spend a lot of time. Here are some examples:


1. Roast chickens. Right now in Oslo, one can buy a very decent-sized and nicely-seasoned whole chook from the deli counter at the relatively-expensive Coop chain of supermarkets for around 40 Norwegian kroner (€4.35). The same thing in Germany is usually twice as expensive, and not as good.


2. Chicken thigh fillet. A must-have for Thai curries (one of my favourite things), this is not only pretty cheap but widely available. Good luck finding it in Germany, where the only way you’ll get chicken thighs is with the bone intact...


3. Salmon. Less of a surprise, perhaps, as Norway is big on salmon farming, but great value, I reckon. The cheapest supermarket non-frozen packaged fillets are best, and way cheaper and at least as good as any fresh salmon I’ve found in Germany - most of which is also farmed. And Norwegian.


4. Water. Out of the tap. This isn't so much cheap as it is free. It's fantastically good (unless the pipes in your hotel/apartment/wherever are old) and anyone who otherwise buys bottled water in Norway (or Switzerland, come to think of it) either enjoys throwing money away, or is insane. Or both.


5. Alcohol, cigarettes, taxis, and gasoline. No, just kidding... all of those are shit-expensive.


Ok, so that’s only four sure-fire things, I realise... but hey, that’s better than none, right? So if you’re in Norway on a budget, stuff yourself with chicken and salmon and drink lots of water. Problem solved.


My pleasure, I’m here to help.😁




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